ALS Pvt. Ltd. offers a full range of language services to help you communicate effectively anywhere in the world. We help companies of all sizes access opportunities in markets all over the globe by offering a tailored approach with an unexpected wide range of language services at the right time to support their communication strategy. To ensure the quality of your translation, our language translation services are carried out by native translators of relevant specialism translating into their own native language. The reason for using native level linguists, is that there is a sharpness of expression which can only be achieved by a native. Whatever the size or complexity of your translation project, Better Languages can help. Our translation services are tailored to your requirements. Whether you need a short amount of text translated into one language or whole websites or large narrative documents translated into multiple languages, talk to us and we will get it sorted.

To discuss your needs for our language translation services or to request a quote, write to anuj@anujlinguals.com today. Contact us today to discuss your needs for our language translation services.

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Our specialized translation services covers technical, legal, financial, pharma, medical, engineering, marketing, financial, business, agro, etc.. These services are always provided by our dedicated experienced team of specialist translators. For example, for an electrical engineering technical specification translation, we use an electrical engineering specialist translator. For mechanical engineering a mechanical engineering specialist translator, etc.
Our technical translators are always professionally qualified, most to a higher degree level. As soon as you talk about technical specialism, clients often think the work will be more expensive, but actually all translators specialize. This is because specific fields of work require different technical specialisms and knowledge of specific terminology. One of the key skills for a good technical translator, is to know when to say “no” to a text, we always give our translators sight of a document before accepting a technical translation project.
To discuss your requirements or to request a quote, write to anuj@anujlinguals.com today.

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When we undertake localisation work, we always use natives of the target language to ensure flow and feel of the translated text, this process is also about understanding and adapting to your target audience. Selling into a new market is about more than sticking a pin in a map and hoping for the best, so is appropriately localised translation.
We work as a team with the client to ensure relevant and accurate expression in the translated text, and we make extensive use of in-country translators to ensure up to date language use, and an awareness of local culture and values.
To find out more about localisation, to discuss your requirements or to request a quote, anuj@anujlinguals.com today

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Video Subtitling and Transcription

Our goal at ALS Pvt. Ltd. is to provide transcription and video subtitling service of all types and in all languages to provide you with a one-stop solution for all your transcription needs. ALS Pvt. Ltd. normally handles the following types of transcriptions and subtitling: media, television, digital audio and video production, interviews, phone calls, lectures, speeches, conference calls, podcasts, focus groups, seminars, panel discussions, multi-person interviews, research interviews, documentary interviews, legal depositions, judicial, and many more.
As with all of the services we offer, ALS Pvt. Ltd. adheres to strict confidentiality and quality standards. To discuss your requirements or to request a quote, write to anuj@anujlinguals.com today.

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All premium translations before delivery go through a rigorous Triple-verification process that verifies the accuracy of the translation.


Be it legal, medical or technical, we do not handover the document to Mr.XYZ just to earn bucks. We take responsibility to deliver unmatched quality to suit your needs.

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